This page lists the version history of Trends.Earth.

0.67 (not yet released)

  • Move documentation into docs folder at root of repository.

  • Add more details on how to documentation on how to contribute to development of Trends.Earth,

  • Clean up repository by removing compiled translations files, and adding these file types to .gitignore.

0.66 (July 20, 2019)

  • Limit maximum area for tasks to 10,000,000 sq km, except for urban area tasks, which is limited to 10,000 sq km.

  • Add background section on SDG 11.3.1, and update SDG 11.3.1 tutorial.

  • Update SDG 11.3.1 code to include 1998 in the series (internally during calculation) in order to filter noise from the beginning of the urban series.

  • Fix date restrictions in SDG 15.3.1 all-in-one tool to account for both ESA and MODIS availability.

  • Add section to readme on how to install Github releases.

  • Update and review Spanish translations, update google translations for other languages.

0.64 (July 9, 2019)

  • Fix handling of nodata in total carbon tool.

  • Add support for 2018 Hansen data in total carbon tool.

  • Add support for global 30m biomass data from Wood’s Hole in total carbon

  • Set maximum final year for one step SDG 15.3.1 tool to be 2015 (matching the ESA data).

  • Make Trends.Earth productivity the default dataset in SDG one step tool for 15.3.1.

0.62 (January 27, 2019)

  • Add experimental tool for mapping potential carbon returns from alternative restoration interventions.

  • Add 2018 MODIS data.

  • Miscellaneous fixes to window sizing for GUI windows.

  • Upgrade to latest openpyxl - fixes loading of Trends.Earth logo in summary tables.

  • Add publication list to help docs.

0.60 (December 3, 2018)

  • Add calculation of change in urban area and population growth rate (SDG 11.3.1)

  • Fix default button/entry field heights Add city selection for AOI

  • Add optional buffering of AOI

0.58 (August 11, 2018)

  • Add a testing section to the calculations page

  • Add testing version of total carbon (above and below-ground) and emissions due to deforestation

  • Minor bug fixes, including for invalid polygons in input AOIs

0.56.5 (May 21, 2018)

  • Fix error with LPD import requesting a data year.

0.56.4 (May 21, 2018)

  • Always resample imported data to the highest resolution.

  • Fix custom SOC import climate zones to use an expanded climate zones dataset to eliminate no data.

  • Update MOD16A2 with latest data.

  • Force entry of date on SOC and LC data import

  • Add global Trends.Earth outputs to download tool.

  • Fix handling of NULL values in legends.

0.56.3 (April 21, 2018)

  • Fix calculation of summary tables for AOIs that are split across the 180th meridian (Fiji, Russia, etc.).

  • Modify state calculation so areas with very small magnitude changes in NDVI integral (< .01 NDVI units over full period) are considered stable.

0.56.2 (April 10, 2018)

  • Minor unicode fixes.

0.56.1 (April 10, 2018)

  • Fix marshhmallow error on plugin load

0.56 (April 9, 2018)

  • Fix issue with rasterizing data (empty rasters on output)

  • Force user to choose output resolution if rasterizing a vector

  • Support calculation of SOC degradation from custom SOC and LC data

0.54 (April 8, 2018)

  • Support loading of custom LPD, SOC, and LC data.

  • Cleanup styles so they match

  • Upgrade pyopenxl

  • Add import/load icons to all layer selector boxes

0.52.1 (March 21, 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes during Antalya workshop.

0.52.1 (March 21, 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes during Antalya workshop.

0.52 (March 19, 2018)

  • Clean AOI processing code.

0.50 (March 15, 2018)

  • Pass exception if only related to Trends.Earth logo addition in Excel file.

  • Various minor bug fixes.

0.48 (March 13, 2018)

  • Fix table formatting

0.46 (March 13, 2018)

  • Support reporting table calculation with multiple geometries (Fiji, Russia)

  • Add LPD and LC tables to UNCCD worksheet tab

  • Clean up the warning message in the LPD import tool

  • Fix TE final combined productivity layer loading

  • Fix download tasks (still no styles)

0.44 (March 12, 2018)

  • Add JRC LPD

  • Add tool for uploading custom land cover data

  • Add tool for uploading custom productivity data

  • Add note that custom SOC upload is coming soon

  • Add tool to add basemaps using Natural Earth data

  • Add all-in-one tool for calculating all three sub-indicators at once

  • Rename “Bare lands” class to “Other lands” for consistency with UNCCD

  • Update docs

  • Upgrade to marshmallow 3.0.0b7

  • Move GEE code into the main repository

  • Improve handling of AOIs, particularly when shapefiles are used for input

  • Handle multi-file outputs from GEE by tiling them in VRTs

  • Support processing data for countries that cross the 180th meridian

  • Improve formatting of summary table

  • From now on, GEE script versions will be matched to the plugin version

0.42 (February 4, 2018)

  • Fix crash on change of LC aggregation (due setEnabled on removed label)

0.40 (February 4, 2018)

  • Remove use of mode for land cover indicator.

  • Combine the summary table and SDG indicator map creation tools.

  • Add stub for where JRC LPD product will be available.

  • Save productivity sub-indicator as band 2 in SDG indicator file.

  • Bump GEE script to v0.3.

  • Fix error due to divide by zero on summary table generation when a class has zero area.

  • Default to MODIS for productivity calculations.

0.38 (January 16, 2018)

  • Add annual soil organic carbon calculation

  • Cleanup AOI processing code, allow multiple input polygons in shapefile AOIs

  • Add shading to side of land cover aggregation table items

  • Fix firstShow issue on aggregation table

  • Revise summary table output to provide further information on each of the three indicators

  • Add supplemental datasets to performance, state, land cover and soil organic carbon output.

  • Update no data and masking values to consistently be -32768 (no data) and -32767 (masked data)

  • Allow naming of file downloads

  • Add icon to toolbar menu, fix plugin name.

  • Refactor layer styling code to pull band info from GEE output.

  • Add a tool to load existing datasets into QGIS.

  • Fix land cover date limits - don’t allow invalid dates toi be selected from CCI data.

0.36 (December 14, 2017)

  • Fix issue with showEvent on create map reporting tool.